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Why Use Rapidshot

Improve your communication with your customers
  • Email newsletters and promotions are quick and easy to create as well as being inexpensive, allowing you to maximise your budget, sending more, and more regularly than traditional paper mail shots. Email marketing puts your company's message in front of your customer faster and with more accuracy than regular email by avoiding spam filters. This professional approach means that you'll be seen by more people and more importantly, stay at the front of the minds of the people who want to hear from you.

Focus in on Targeted Groups
  • Increase the impact of your email communications by separating your database into smaller customer lists based on your own specific relevant criteria. You can then send more relevant, targeted messages to your contacts from which they will be more likely to respond

Immediate Results, Instant Reporting
  • Schedule your email marketing campaigns delivery for a time when your audience is most likely to check their email, which will increase the likelihood they'll read it and take action. See the results of your campaigns immediately and track the responses in real time by logging in to the individual campaigns report.

Track who Reads, Responds and Takes Action
  • Our highly sophisticated system enables you to see which contacts opened your emails and who clicked on which links in your emails, allowing you to craft your content and focus more specifically to get the best response and therefore the best possible results.

Reduce Your Marketing Costs While Increasing Results
  • Email marketing campaigns are a fraction of the cost of paper mail shots and by using RapidShot, you can focus your message specifically to your target market with much greater accuracy than traditional mail.

Sending HTML email marketing messages will look more professional, be more content rich, and importantly will produce up to 35% more responses than plain text.

In today's world, can you really afford not to be in the inboxes of your target market?

Benefits of using rapidshot

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