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Proven success with Rapidshot

Take a look at some of the recent email marketing campaigns we have successfully sent out for our clients:

Goldstar Supplements
Goldstar Supplements | www.goldstarsupplements.co.uk

Goldstar supplements sell bodybuilding supplements to some of the country�s best bodybuilders. They have enjoyed a great success due to the popularity of their gym where they offer excellent training and support and also tips on exercise, nutrition and diet. You can also find great instructional videos and articles on their site offering more help and advice on how to get fit and the best ways to build muscle.

Soleheaven | www.soleheaven.com

If you are looking for limited edition, vintage or exclusive footwear then you should see what Soleheaven has to offer. They have a wide and exciting range of stock that includes retro and rare footwear and also imported shoes meaning your feet will always look unique. Not only do Soleheaven sell some amazing footwear but they also sell accessories such as headwear and backpacks.

Mobile Envy
Mobile Envy | www.mobileenvy.co.uk

Mobile Envy can provide you with anything you need for your phone whether it is a case, screen protector or headphones. They are one of the leading providers in the UK. They sell everything you could possibly need in order to personalise you phone and make it individual to you.

Heading There
Heading There | www.headingthere.co.uk

HeadingThere is an exciting travel website that attracts people from all over who are looking for that perfect holiday. They have thousands of visitors to the site every month and provide some excellent holiday ideas that will make a magical holiday. The reason HeadingThere uses Rapidshot is to contact their many subscribers with a monthly newsletter.

Horse Events
Horse Events | www.horseevents.co.uk

Horse Events is an equestrian site that is aimed at horse lovers. It allows its members to share information on all things horsey. Horse Events uses Rapidshot in order to increase the volume and quality of the sites content as it is based around its users.

Heading There
Synthesis IT | www.synthesis-it.co.uk

Synthesis IT is an IT company that provides it clients with a range of services including; networking, hardware support, office moves and support and training. Their reason for using Rapidshot was to increase their sales in a 3 month period via a marketing campaign. This involved the reactivation of customers who had previously bought hardware and contacting customers at the end of support contracts with a view to renewing them. It was also a great opportunity for them to reach new customers.

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