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Struggling to make your emails to customers pay? Read these great email marketing tips for more effective email marketing.

Personalise your emails

It may sound obvious, but people prefer to be addressed by their name as it makes them feel like the email you�re sending to them is meant for them and relevant to them. Dear SARAH will go down much better than a generic Dear Madam or Hello! Bear in mind your demographic though � if you�re writing to the older generation, addressing someone by their more formal title (i.e. Dear Mrs Green) may be seen as more respectful. Your email marketing strategy must work in harmony with your core client group.

Make it short, interesting and consistent

Having a page of the pertinent points you wish to put across will be more effective than huge documents your clients have to endlessly scroll through. Put simply, long missives about your products and services will be ignored � instead, why not pick a couple to write about in a little more detail? This means that you have more content to send as it can be broken down into weekly or fortnightly emails more easily. A golden rule of email marketing best practices is to ensure all your email communications have the same format and look so that your client instantly recognises it is about your brand.

Tell your clients why they should read your email in the subject line

No one is going to read an email entitled *****Hello!!!!***** or The News. Try something that has impact but won�t be filed in the spam bin. Create interest immediately in the subject line but don�t over-egg it: subject lines with capitals, lots of punctuation or overly long-winded titles will put people off. Tell them the benefit of reading your email over all the others they may receive � �10 new fantastic home products to make your life easier�, �Introducing our exciting new product range � 15% discount available to you now!� etc. Coupons and offers always go down well and generate attention.

Simplify your communications

And finally, one of the best email marketing tips is to keep it simple. It is tempting to showcase your knowledge of every new bell and whistle available�just don�t do it all in one email. Emails with numerous banners, flashing icons, colours, pictures, graphics and shouty text boxes not only take longer to load (by which time the client has got frustrated and stopped reading), they mean the key message is lost. A simpler email explaining why you�re writing, with a couple of well-chosen links, will be a lot clearer and will get better results than something very flashy that people get headaches from reading!

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