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If you have any questions about RapidshotTM or any of our services, you might find the answer below.
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What is email marketing?
Put simply, it's a way to get your message across to customers and contacts.

In terms of Best Practice, email marketing means "to distribute professionally designed e-news, e-offers, and e-information using a system that will track delivery, allowing you to monitor the success of your emarketing campaigns, and report statistically on what actions people take on receipt of your email".

Rapidshot provides an easy and affordable method of operating Best Practice email marketing techniques, with our team of experts by your side at every stage.

Who should use email marketing?
Basically everyone! Email marketing campaigns are fast and cheap, they provide businesses with measurable results, compiling an ongoing record of who you've communicated to and on what issues. Also - very importantly – with a statistics package you have a report at the end that shows you what your recipients went on to do about the information you sent them.

We even know people who use e-marketing tools to keep relations and friends around the world updated with their family news, pictures and videos. Well it's easier and cheaper than posting them!

How much does email marketing cost?
Email marketing is affordable for everyone in some form. We can help you tailor your e-marketing campaign and make sure the results give you value for money whatever your budget constraints.

What are the benefits of email marketing?
Email marketing offers a high return on investment. Obviously financial returns are the most common goal – a proven return from correctly run and managed email marketing campaigns. But other returns on your investment include:

  • Building opt-in list and data regarding people who are interested in your products and services
  • The Forward to Friends function means that everyone you send your email marketing to can easily send your message on to several others – it's word of mouth only online

How do I know who to target?
This depends on your message and what you are asking people to do with your marketing. We can help you devise an email marketing strategy that is right for your business and will contribute specifically to the marketing aspirations you have for your organisation.

Where can I get email addresses?
As well as helping you with strategy and design for your email marketing campaigns, we can also help with sourcing relevant and reliable email address lists as we work with the data suppliers all the time and know what questions to ask etc. So just ask us and we'll make some suggestions based on your type of organisation and target market.

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