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First Class Email Marketing Services

  • From concept through to content, the creative minds of the Rapidshot team will produce a visually stunning but technically robust HTML email template, and - based on your briefing - we'll write the copy for your mail, using our exceptional creative writing skills and vast experience of knowing what works in marketing emails.

List Hosting
  • Secure and reliable, your emailing lists are kept on our dedicated servers, backed up and looked after as if they were our own. The lists will be fully managed - checked for duplicates, correct email address formatting, and with bounce-backs recorded and removed from future mailings.

  • Once you've approved the design and copy (a quick and painless process), we can schedule your campaign to deliver within seconds, or set it ready to go automatically at some point in the future if you'd prefer.

  • All of the above are the means to an end - finding new customers - and the post-campaign report you'll receive will show you that the end is very definitely in sight. Our reporting includes statistics about who opened the mail, how many times, who clicked on what links etc. However, we can completely tailor the report to your exact requirements - for example a list of those recipients who clicked on a specific link for you to follow up by phone. The magic of all this is that it gives you a real insight into what your customers or potential customers are interested in - what products and services do it for them, and how effectively your marketing message is getting across.

Services provided by Rapidshot Email Marketing

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