What is Rapid Shot?


A highly competitive shooting experience which allows you to test your shooting ability in a fun, exciting and safe way. Rapid Shot uses quality paintball and airsoft guns to shoot interactive target lights; much more fun than paper targets!

There are lots of different games to play against family, friends and work colleagues!

Who’s it for?

Families & Friends

Who will emerge as the very best shot?! Bring your kids, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings and friends along and answer that all-important question once and for all!

Our high-quality guns are only ever focused on the target – never at people, so you can book with confidence. Nobody will get hurt!


Have a birthday coming up and need to organise something ‘different’? Not sure how you are going to top last year’s birthday? We have it covered! Rapid shot can easily be set up inside venues with a small hall such as village halls and sports halls so is a perfect birthday activity!


You hire a suitable venue local to you and we will provide the entertainment!

Looking for a Unique Stag/Hen Experience?

There is nothing more exciting than getting a group of your closest friends and family together and challenging them to a shoot-off! If you are looking to get the party started airsoft-style, then get in touch!

We can accommodate larger groups in indoor spaces such as village halls or set up Gazebos outdoors if you have rented accommodation with an accessible garden. Give the hen or stag a day to remember before they marry their dream partner!

Team Building with a Difference!

If you are looking for something unique for your next corporate event or team building session, then consider Rapid Shot. Our fun experience encourages a sense of competition amongst colleagues and ensures everyone has a great time.

No matter how big or small your company is, we can provide you with two hours to a full day of non-stop entertainment, helping your team to build a rapport that will strengthen your connection in the workplace.

Are you Organising a fair, fete or other event?

Why not add Rapid Shot to your entertainment? We can set up indoors or outdoors to provide a unique experience which is sure to draw in the crowds, giving your guests a boost of adrenaline that will keep them talking about your event for days. You provide the space, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The great thing about Rapid Shot is that you pay for the time and then decide how we operate.We can accommodate many smaller groups during the hire period, have the range on a drop in basis so that people can come and go as they want or, have the range set up as a pay to play activity meaning you have the opportunity to generate income!

If you have ever wanted to try shooting but were nervous at the thought of injuring yourself, then Rapid Shot is the perfect game for you. Equally, if you love clay pigeon or other shooting disciplines, you’ll appreciate the skill involved in this immersive activity. It really is suitable for everyone!

Get on touch today to book an awesome experience which you wont forget!

Sustainable Shooting


A problem for a variety of outdoor activities is the potential impact to the environment, which is why whether you enjoy our airsoft or paintball range, we have several sustainable measures in place.

Our Airsoft range utilises a large backdrop and collection net to so that as many of the bb’s as possible are captured. When the Rapid Shot range is used outdoors, we use ‘bio’ BB’s which are organic and certified free from harmful chemicals meaning that they are biodegradable, breaking down over time without damaging the surrounding ecosystems.

When our paintball range is used, we shoot into a specially converted trailer so that the majority of the paintballs are collected, however, they are also made from food grade components so safe for the environment.


Sharp-Shooting Fun • for Everyone •

When you’re looking for something different to do, this is the perfect activity for private hire events such as birthdays, anniversaries, family events, weddings, stag/hen parties as well village/county shows and much more.

The range is completely self-sufficient and can be set up anywhere in England and Wales; everywhere from village halls, private gardens or even the middle of a field!

Interested? Don’t hesitate…… contact us to enquire about availability and pricing.