Airsoft FAQ’S

Frequently Asked Questions!

Got a Question? Hopefully our FAQ’s below can help you out!

Airsoft Range General questions

Is it painful?

No, participants only shoot at targets and not each other. Unlike real firearms which have a substantial ‘kick’ when fired, these do not fire bullets and therefore the affects felt are minimal.

What guns are used?

We only use high end Airsoft guns which give a degree of kinaesthetic feedback when you pull the trigger to provide an even better shooting experience. To achieve this, we use guns which are referred to as gas blow back or electronic blow back airsoft guns as these are some of the most modern and advanced airsoft guns available!

Is it just shooting at one target?

No, that would quickly get boring! Snap Shot is an interactive shooting range range which has multiple targets available to each person. The target system is so clever that we can change things up, adjusting the order in which the targets appear, how long they are active for and how many times you must shoot the target before it will move onto the next one as well as various game modes!

Do I need to have shot before?

No, almost any one of any age or ability, with or without experience can take part in this activity. Our friendly staff are always on hand to offer coaching and advice at all times.

If you are new to shooting then we will assist you with basic shooting technique, however, the main aim of our sessions is to have fun so you don’t ned to be a marksman! If you already have experience, we will let you get your eye in before offering some tips and tricks so you can get even more out of the activity!

Is It Safe?

Yes, safety is paramount when taking part in any of our activities and we hold appropriate insurance just in case. There are rules in place to ensure everyone’s safety which are required to be followed, anyone who does not adhere to these rules or is being unsafe may be asked to leave the range with no refund provided.

As the activity is based around shooting at targets, as long as the rules are followed, the chance of being injured is extremely small; the aim is to have a safe and fun experience.

Do you have to be a certain age to take part?

The kids and grandparents as well as everyone in-between can take part!

For children to get the most out of our private hire experiences where they can take part in various activities and challenges using our range, they must be able to safely hold and operate the equipment so we do recommend it for those 10+ years to fully benefit from the experience, however, this age is only given as a guideline; the minimum age for any participant is 6 years old. Regardless of age, all participants must be able to safely handle the equipment and follow instructions.

Do I need to wear certain clothes?

There are no specific clothing requirements to take part, however, please do dress for the changeable British weather if the range is going to be set up outside and wear sensible footwear!

What are the bb’s made from?

When using the range indoors, we generally use plastic BB’s as they are very robust and usually reusable, however, when the range is used outside, we predominantly use biodegradable bb’s to minimise the impact to the environment. These ‘bio’ bb’s use organic polymer resins from plant-based plastics including sugar cane and corn starch polymers as they are more effective at breaking down in the ground and are certified free of harmful chemicals (EN71-3:1994) as well as also having other certifications including EN13432, EN71-3:1994 and EC 1907/2006.

As part of the range set up, we have a collection system around the base of the targets which should collect the bb’s once they have hit (or missed) the targets which that things are kept nice and tidy!

Can anyone have a go?

Absolutely, Snap Shot is an inclusive activity which was designed to provide a fun shooting experience for as many people as possible; if one of your group has additional physical or cognitive needs, please let us know. If we are made aware that a member/s of the group have a certain disability or condition, we can modify the way in which the session is run or the equipment that is used.

Still have a question?

If your question hasn’t been answered above, or if you would like a further information, please feel free to message us through our contact us page, email or phone and we will be happy to help!

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Mobile Airsoft Range Questions

Is there a limit to how many people can take part?

There is no minimum or maximum group size for private bookings as the price to hire the range is based upon the length of time that you wish to use it. The more people you have in your group, the less it will cost per head, however, this means that each person will get less time shooting. As multiple people can shoot at any one time, we usually suggest that for a good compromise between the length of time shooting and cost, that a group of 10-15 people is about right for a 2 hour session.

If you would like to use the range on a ‘drop in’ basis at a larger event or where other activities are being provided, there is no limit to the number of people who can take part during the hire period.

What are the requirements for the range to come to my venue?

Our range is completely mobile and can be taken to any location in England and Wales! The range itself requires a space 6 meters wide and 10 meters long;  if set up indoors, it requiresa minimum ceiling height of 2.4 metres high. This makes the range perfect for a variety of  village halls, sports halls and barns!

As well as being able to set the range up indoors, we are also able to set it up in the great outdoors on level ground. For extended hire periods, the range may require electricity, however, as well as a solar charging system, it also has an electrical hook up as well as a generator so we should have a solution regardless of where you would like to use it!

What’s the cost for the range to come to my venue?

Our unique shooting range along with all the other necessary equipment can be set up at any indoor or outdoor venue in England and Wales that you have permission to use from £277 for two hours.

The price varies depending on whether we are setting up indoors or outdoors (due to the amount of equipment and set up time required) as well as how long you would like the activity for and what guns and equipment you would like to use. We have therefore created the following three packages:


Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
Range hire Y Y Y
Indoor use Y Y
Outdoor set up Y Y
One instructor Y Y Y
Unlimited BB’s Y Y Y
All gas/ electric Y Y Y
M4 style guns Y Y Y
2 hours Y Y
3 hours
Opitional extra
Opitional extra
Glock 17 Pistols
Included with pistol bolt on
Included with pistol bolt on
Included with pistol bolt on
Included with pistol bolt on
Tactical vests  Y
Pump action shotguns Y
£277 £317 £487
Addiotnal Time
£49 per hour
£49 per hour
£49 per hour
Pistol bolt on
£29 per hour
£29 per hour

If you are running a large event, want to hire the range for periods of over 6 hours or on multiple days or occasions, please contact us to discuss your exact requirements as we have other packages available in these circumstances.


Are there any other costs?

We want you to enjoy the experience without the worry of how many bb’s you might be using or how much gas has been consumed, so, everything you require for the session is included within the hire price!

As the range is mobile, we obviously have to get to you and for this reason, the price listed is for a booking within a 20 mile drive of our base in Bridgwater(Somerset). We can and do travel all over England and Wales to provide as many people as possible with our fantastic experience; if the location is further than this, just let us know exactly where you are and we will work out the cost of getting the range to you.

How do I book the range?

Simply complete the initial enquiry form within the Contact us section and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Not sure when you want the range? Wondering exactly how if it would be a good fit for your event? Drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss you requirements further.

Still have a question?

If your question hasn’t been answered above, or if you would like a further information, please feel free to message us through our contact us page, email or phone and we will be happy to help!